Thomas Steele-Maley

Research, design and practice for new ecologies of education.

I contribute innovative and technologically rich solutions for contemporary schools and organizations. My work centers on fundamental change in education through the design and implementation of new learning ecologies. I work directly on school research, design, start-up and the operations phases of the most innovative schools in the world. These schools pioneer interdisciplinary innovation, personalized, self-directed, experiential and technology rich practice in the international education sector. I am currently on the founding team of GEMS Nations Academy-Dubai. Through my work  I help individuals, organizations and schools create educational ecologies like GEMS Nations Academy- DubaiGEMS World Academy ChicagoThe Bridge Year at KWENetworked Learning Ecology North America and Global Civ that drive innovation in the fields of education, business and technology. I routinely design and practice in the field and consult on long range projects with schools, design firms and organizations.