Education Sector

I have been involved in education since 1998. I started in the backcountry of Alaska leading teenagers on service based experiential and environmental education programs. That work took me from Alaska to Wyoming, Utah and Florida and eventually across the US developing leadership initiatives and staff development.  Since 2004 I have devoted my career to researching and designing schools and in leadership, teaching and learning positions with middle level and secondary school aged young people. I primarily work with and in independent schools, with organizations and for a select group of families. I have also held a few adjunct positions at the university level.  A list of the positions I have held:

GEMS Nations Academy-Dubai (Spring 2016-Current)

Founding Director of Innovation and Technology

GEMS World Academy- Chicago  (Spring 2014-Spring 2016 and ongoing advisory)

Founding Lead Technology and Innovation Officer

  • Design and Lead school-wide strategic learning innovations plan.
  • Design pedagogy and provide leadership for PK-12 field studies, connected learning and interdisciplinary project based learning and global initiatives.
  • Develop personalized professional development plans and              assessment protocols to create ongoing feedback and improvement.
  • Provide consultation and advisory support for teachers and staff.
  • Support marketing and recruitment.
  • Promote entrepreneurial engagement and involvement in all aspects of the school.
  • Design and direct major technology initiatives

Kieve-Wavus Education (2012-2014)

  • Director, Educational Innovation and Research 2014- Thomas served as Director of Educational Innovation and Research at Kieve-Wavus Education (KWE).  He worked on designing and implementing  initiatives to promote the knowledge, skills, and character traits that educators, students and campers will need to thrive in school and the world beyond education. Work included: research, program development, professional development on best practices in learner driven education and experiential education for the KWE community and a myriad of independent school and organizational partners; creation of initiatives that drive educational innovations in the fields of networked learning, project based learning and field studies.
  • The Bridge Year Director of Studies 2012-2014-As the Director of Studies at the Bridge Year,  Thomas provided essential curricular design, faculty development and was the primary support to student academic needs overseeing development of personal learning plans, projects, field studies and portfolios of experience. Thomas coordinated seminars and workshops and maintains the technological tools that support student projects and facilitate faculty feedback and assessment.
  • Administrator of Technology-Blended Learning Infrastructure: Canvas LMS; Project Foundry; OSX Server, 1 to 1 iPad Program

Global Civ (2010-) Research Partnership

  • Cofounder-Institute for Global Civic Culture and the Global Civ New Learning Ecology Design Based Research Project. Initiated participatory action research from proposal to design and iteration; engaged in qualitative research with Dr. Shoshana Zuboff and Dr. Jim Maxmin on mutation theory and design in education.
  • Teaching-Lead Mentor for Integrated Core programs and Social Science|ELA|Service Learning specialist (2010-2011); Lead Mentor for Independent Studies (2011-); Responsible for the core curricular design for the Global Civ hybrid online school. Social Science, ELA, and Service Learning mentor. Designer of curricular components for integrated (curriculum integration), project based learning. Delivered ongoing professional development in ePortfolios and project based learning.
  • Administrator of Technology for the Global Civ eLearning network- Mahara ePortfolio; Project Foundry; iPad Mobile Learning Lab, Networked Learning for Research (social and collaborative bookmarking, Twitter, Flikr, blogging)

SVRSU 12: Wiscasset High School (2011-2013)

  • Teaching/Administration-Department Head and Faculty: eLearning and Information Studies. Courses taught: Web 2.0 Foundations (Interdisciplinary Research and Project Based Learning), Media Literacy (Student Directed Project Based Learning)
  • Director of Technology-Canvas LMS, Google Apps for Education, PowerSchool, Project Foundry; 1 to 1 Mac books (MLTI Coordinator and Lead Teacher), iPad deployment and management.
  • Professional Development Coach-Responsible for design, development and implementation of school-wide 21st century curriculum. Design and delivery of targeted participatory professional development focused on interdisciplinary innovation, field studies and project based learning

SVRSU 12 (2011-2012)

  • Teaching/Administration-Teacher of the Gifted and Talented (lower and middle schools) . Responsible for the design and delivery of interdisciplinary project based learning in cluster- group and individual settings.
  • Consulting Teacher-Consulting teacher for acceleration, compacting and differentiation within school settings.
  • Administrator of Technology– Edmodo, Blogger

University of Maine COEHD (2010-2011)

  • Teaching/Administration-Designed and delivered courses in Instructional Technology for pre-service teachers.  Used connectivist design based on CCK11 and ECI831 using Moodle and Mahara. Other tools used for blended learning include Mahara, Elluminate, WordPress, Wikispaces.
  • Co-Administrator of Technology-COEHD Mahara ePortolios

Lincoln Academy (2006-2010)

  • Teaching-Served as Social Studies Faculty. Facilitated students in an integrative (student led) technology infused project based courses with ePortfolio assessment. Courses included, World History (AP Option), World Regional Geography, World Studies: Globalization: Self and Humanity and Model United Nations.
  • Administrator of Technology- System Admin for Moodle and Mahara from 2007, Basecamp for PBL from 2009, MLTI 1 to 1 Macbooks Lead.

Student Conservation Association (1998-2002)

  • Fieldwork Crew Leader/Rover-Conservation work  and integrated environmental education curriculum delivery in remote residential settings including Alaska, Wyoming and Utah.  Programs “Rover” responsible for evaluation of field staff.

Northern Wildlands Learning Center (1998-2000)

  • Co-Founder and Co-Lead Instructor-Leadership and experiential initiatives center based in Haines, Alaska