I am fortunate to live, network with and learn from an amazing community from across my local region, the US and  world. This is a growing list of those I consider critical friends, mentors, and inspiration. I am sorry if I have missed you during this initial creation, more will happen soon!

My Wife and Two Boys who I love, live , hike , play, and farm with.

Josh Jacobs: way more than a web designer a friend colleague, co-conspirator, Rails, PhP, Java author

Roberto Greco: an incredible unschooler, erudite change agent, clear thinker, radical, practitioner and theoretician, city, father of a very cool family, a friend

Monika Hardy: a seriously radical practitioner and visionary with a huge vision and wide mesh network with a design in process, a friend.

Leigh Blackall: true pioneer of networked learning and critical education, DIY original, sustainability and resilience guru, back-country advocate and enthusiast…..

Ed Brazee: Professor, practitioner and pioneer of the democratic education movement, critical educator, mentor.

Michael McCabe: A wild visionary and student directed project based learning guru, seriously good person, caring, worldly, a friend.

Su Thedia: the reason I found myself, a friend.

Charlie Richardson: An honest, passionate and kind human with roots in the cultural middle grounds of education, from working class alternative education to prestigious prep school, knew Sizer, sees the world well.

John Newlin: A progressive thinker in Maine who understands the central tenets of networked learning as a blend of highly digital and experiential experiences, a mentor (Also said no to Dennis Littkey).

MaryAnn Reilly: A revolutionary arts and humanities academician who sees libratory praxis in unique and practical ways, artist, author….

Jake Maxmin: A young man who has transformed himself into a self determined learner and leader, a good soul.

Under Construction….Updating Winter 2013




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