What I do

I research, design and practice to contribute innovative solutions in the field of education. My work has a focus on the nexus between experiential and scholastic education and involves children’s geographies, interdisciplinary innovation, ICT in education and the balance between tradition and innovation in educational contexts. I write longer posts here, try to write more frequently at steelemaley.tumblr, my fieldnotes can be found at fieldnotes.in and I bookmark at pinboard.in/steelemaley.

I help individuals and groups vision and implement new learning spaces that are intellectual, social and physical.

This is why

Today, learning in a networked world is possible in unique forms and needed like never before. As the internet and connectedness empower a generation, it is imperative to design and co-design learning ecologies that reflect emerging theory and practice in education to support people and human organization in new and productive ways.

Working with communities of learners in new educational ecologies feels prescient and inspiring. These new spaces encourage design thinking and research, interdisciplinary innovation, blended learning and community connection.  Physical borders of schools and institutions (as structures that exist for themselves) are being reshaped for our collective 21st century social, economic, and environmental interdependence and individualization. To unlock education in this way is to see project learning, field studies and other methods of learning emerge that are mobile, rigorous, and meaningful to the individual, their community and the world. These motions in education are in direct relation to young people and their needs and to see the world as a ubiquitous human landscape for learning in the 21st century may be the only way to solve the problems of the 21st century. New learning ecologies applied to education, leadership, and the creativity of teams have created a resilient mesh that is intuitive, complex, connected and design based. I am interested in how these new networked forms of learning are researched, designed and ultimately worked within.

I am kept both aloft and alight by a voracious need to learn and contribute to our collective futures.

My Portfolio

Teaching and Administration

My teaching, learning, leading and design based research have focused on planning with students in technology rich, socially relevant learning spaces that utilize interdisciplinary innovation, ICT in education (ePortfolios, blended learning environments, networked (connected) learning)  mobile learning, project based learning and experiential education.


I design and co-design projects that question the contexts, barriers and frontiers of learning communities.

Presentations and Peer Leadership

I have presented on an array of topics at conferences around North America.


I am currently writing a three field guide series on new learning ecologies.