What I do.

I am good at designing spaces that enable learning through experience. I help individuals and groups unlock their inner freedom for learning, enabling agency and self determination.  My Bio

This is why.

The power of networked learning as a human endeavor is possible today in unique forms. Interaction and design in face to face learning experiences are now  intensified through online spaces. It’s imperative to design and co-design learning environments that reflect this emerging theory and practice in education to connect people and human organization in new and productive ways.

Working with Networked Learning in blended environments feels prescient and inspiring.  Spaces of mobile and networked learning are keys to transcending traditional forms of education.  Learning without the borders of schools and institutions (as structures that exist for themselves) is important for our collective 21st century social, economic, and environmental problems. Unlocking education through mobile learning to enable  “human as  landscape” for learning will fundamentally transform education. How we design learning spaces for learners to co-design/adapt to their “human landscape for learning” is imperative to deep learning.

The power of these networks for learning is in creating a resilient mesh, that is intuitive, complex, connected and design based (Theory (individual or team)….drives….project design….drives…. iteration)

This can be applied to education, leadership, creativity of teams and beyond.

What I contribute.

As a instructional designer (with roots in interaction design and networked learning), a learning designer and educator (with understanding and experience in the fields of information studies, networked learning and social sciences) I help individuals, organizations and schools turn education into personalized and learner centered environments. I routinely consult on research projects, with school districts, and with web design firms. I am available on a limited basis depending on my own current projects and work schedule. If you would like to discuss a project please contact me.

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