I am currently writing a three field guide series on new learning ecologies.

Networked Project Based Learning: A New Approach

Building on work in the field this guide will cover a unique process of integrative project based learning where students are engaged in the process of collaboration, organizational center and activity development that leads to rich, applied and interdiciplinary PBL. The book relates methods for connecting students and their research in face to face and in online spaces.

Field Studies: Research and Praxis

Field studies are a prescient field having implications for major changes in education. In this book I explore the research and praxis necessary to employ effective and interwoven field studies in learning environments. The focus of this work is to introduce a field studies as an integral part of youth learning. From participatory mapping in local communities to data gathering fieldwork in remote wilderness, this work will give the educator a clear view of making learning ubiquitous.

Participatory Advising: Personal Learning Plans and the Future of Individualization

Both student driven project based learning and effective field based programs can only exist if the architecture and design of the program are based on effective personal learning plans and advisories. Taking from the robust field of advisories and building significantly on the field of personal learning plan development and practice this book will serve as a clear guide to effective practice.

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